Waikato International Community Gardening Project Update February 18th 2013

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Enjoy your Harvest - Eat A Rainbow

In the photo: beans, capsicum, squash, carrots and rocket

The different colours in fruits and vegetables show the presence of vitamins, so  'eat a rainbow' every day to get your share.


Sanitarium's recipe for Sesame Polenta with Salsa would make a great lunch, or serve it with salad for a main meal.  You could add a little cold chopped chicken to the salsa if you have some. Polenta is a dry coarsely ground corn meal, which is cooked like porridge then baked. It is often sold in the bulk section of the supermarket or places like Bin Inn.  Spanish onions are also known as red onions - they are sweeter and milder than brown onions, so are often used raw.  You could be using corn, tomato, capsicum and perhaps coriander from your garden in this recipe - coriander prefers spring and autumn's coolness.  If you like chilis, add some finely chopped chili into the salsa - home grown of course!   The salsa would also work well served in a wrap- you could add some lettuce, etc from your garden


In your garden this week:

In the photo: harvesting tomatoes and silverbeet at Grandview Community Garden

Where to get woodchipping mulch

At Treescape,  91 Riverlea Road phone (07) 857 0280  Hamilton you can buy bulk wood chipping mulch for your garden. They are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm. A trailer load costs $15.00 and they can usually load up your trailer for you.

Watering well

There is another dry week ahead in the Waikato. Careful watering is so  important to keep your vegetables going. Zuccini, beans, tomatoes and most other vegetables will keep producing if you water them carefully.


  • Water in the evening so it has all night to soak in
  • Give each plant half a bucket each.
  • water slowly so it soaks right in
  • Water veges twice a week, fruit trees once a week


In the photo: watering zuccini

Look out for cabbage butterfly

Are your cabbages full of holes? Look under the leaves or in the middle of the plant for green caterpillars.They live on cabbages,broccoli and pak choi. If you find any - squash them!

Planting out seedlings

The hot weather is hard for baby plants. Here are some tips for successful transplanting:

  •  Plant in the evening if you can
  • Water the planting hole before you plant, and water the plant in afterwards
  • tear off a few leaves. This stops the seedling losing too much water when its planted. New leaves soon grow.
  • Make some temporary shade for each seedling:

In the photo: shade made from bamboo leaves for the seedlings

What to sow now

Silverbeet, celery, pak choi, lettuce, spring onions,spinach, beetroot, peas, leeks

In the photo:celery 

Look around for specials on seeds. Palmers on Lincoln St Hamilton have 5 packets of McGregors seeds for $10.00 this week.

At Grandview Community Garden this week

Join us to sow vegetable seeds, water and mulch your garden or start gardening with us! Thursday February 21st 6pm to 7.30pm and Saturday February 23rd 8am to 10am

In the photo : sowing vegetable seeds at Grandview Community Garden

Wear boots or shoes and a sunhat. Bring tools and seeds if you have them.

Please park on Grandview Road and walk in the gate opposite 183 Grandview Rd. Bus route number 8 (Frankton)

Get in touch if you have any questions Clare and Tim ph 021 0387623 WIC Community Garden Mentors


What's Happening in the Region

Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

Road To Resilience on saturday the  23rd  in the Sustainbale Backyard, is free event  where you can watch a fruit tree pruning demonstration,

see how to build a top-bar bee hive and  learn about  Time Banking. You can even buy a scone cooked in the earth oven!

Happy Gardening!


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