Waikato International Community Gardening Project Update July 5th 2013

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Garden Diary July 2013
Garden Diary July 2013

ESOL World Gardeners planted garlic, parsley and broad beans     

Tun Hla harvested 5 kg of yacon                                                        

Yuri sowed blue lupin green crop to cover a bare plot                 

Hukanui School Sustainability Class visited Grandview Community Garden and learned how to plant garlic and use mulch         

Grandview gardeners grew grapes, figs and berries from cuttings       

Hamilton House held a working bee to clear concrete and wood, and mulch fruit trees at Grandview Community  Garden                   

Zaw Mai shared freshly harvested carrots with Ran Won and Hyoung                      

How to Plant a Fruit Tree

Charlie gets ready to plant a feijoa at  SWPICS, Tokoroa
Charlie gets ready to plant a feijoa at SWPICS, Tokoroa

Before planting: thoroughly wet the roots by soaking in a bucket until bubbling stops.

1 Set tree out according to your plan, to get the  right plant in the right place.

2. Dig a hole wider and deeper than the root ball (about twice as big)and loosen soil in the bottom of  the hole to help roots to grow down.

3 Remove plant from the bag or container without pulling on the stem (slice the bag, or tip upside down and shake, holding onto the bottom of the bag and the soil around the stem).

 4 Put the plant in the hole so    the top of the root ball will be level with soil when planted. Fill in around the plant with fine soil. Firm the soil around the plant with your hands

Water well and mulch  20cm thick with woodchippings around plant to keep moist and stop weeds

Fruit Tree Sale

Peach tree

Tree Crops Fruit Tree and Plant Sale

this Saturday 6 July 2013  9.30 am to 1 pm

Where:  Hamilton Gardens, Camellia Carpark Enter Gate 2 from Cobham Drive. A short distance down, on the left, is the entrance to a large car park. Apple, peach, pear, mandarin, lemon, plum, lime and many other plants for sale. For more information contact Don Harwood, phone 07 843 9007

Visit Grandview Community Garden
Hukanui School Sustainability Class visiting Grandview Community Garden
Hukanui School Sustainability Class visiting Grandview Community Garden

Your group is welcome to visit the community garden and have a tour. Schools, garden groups, ESOL classes, church groups all welcome. We can show you how to sow seeds, store water, make compost and use mulch in the garden. Contact Clare 0210387623 for more information

July Gardening

Plant garlic until the end of July. Plant each clove 10cm apart and 5cm deep.

Sow parsley, spinach and silverbeet in sunny places

Winter cold makes broccoli, cabbage, carrots and pak choi sweeter!

Cold also brings out the colours in red and purple vegetables like beetroot and red silverbeet

plant spring onions and keeping onions

Tidy up pieces of wood and old pots where snails and slugs hide

Now is the best time to pull out weeds-they are too weak to grow back

Pinch back the tips of your broad beans when the plants are a metre high, to make them bushy.

Keep picking peas, brocoli, carrots and greens

broccoli ready to pick
broccoli ready to pick

Plan for spring sowing

What do you want to grow in spring?  Basil? Watermelon? Celery? Have a look at seeds in the shops or online :Pak’n’Save, The Warehouse, New World, Bunnings (Te Rapa), Palmers (Lincoln St), Oderings (Rototuna)  www.kingsseeds.co.nzwww.koanga.org.nz. http://www.egmontseeds.co.nz/vegetables

Swap seeds with friends and family to save money and have a bigger variety to sow.

Care for your soil

In winter the soil is wet for weeks. Do not step on the soil when its wet because this squashes the air out. The soil will be hard when it dries. Light, fluffy, airy soil is best for growing vegetables.

light airy soil is easy to plant into
light airy soil is easy to plant into

Keep your soil airy by:

  • mulching. Spread a 15 cm layer of woodchippings or straw on top of the soil. Do not dig or mix it in. Mulch is like a blanket.
  • Covering bare soil. Nutrients leak out of bare soil and all the tiny helpful bugs move away, too. If you are not growing anything in winter, sow a green crop of lupins, oats or mustard.
  • Making paths through your vegetable plot. Use mulch to cover the paths so everyone knows where to walk.
    reaching across is better than stepping on the soil
    reaching across is better than stepping on the soil

  Stop Lawn Prickles 

Do you have prickles in your lawn in summer?  Now is the time of year to stop the prickle plant, Onehunga weed. This plant needs lots of light. Do not mow your lawn in July and August and let the grass shade the Onehunga weed. This kills the prickle plant. Easy!

Winter vegetable recipe

Cabbage is less expensive than other greens at this time of year. Heres a recipe from the Otago Farmers Market for Simply Cooked Cabbage. It says to use a savoy cabbage but you could use any type of cabbge (red or green)

green cabbage growing at Grandview Community Garden
green cabbage growing at Grandview Community Garden


Happy Gardening




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